Montpellier Regional Cancer Institute

by Depetris M. - Sat, 01 Feb 2020

ICM, Montpellier Regional Cancer Institute

Structure: Montpellier Regional Cancer Institute
Date: 2016 à 2018

The Montpellier Regional Cancer Institute (ICM) is one of the 18 Cancer Control Centres (CLCC) that make up the UNICANCER group.

As a CLCC, the Institute combines basic, translational and clinical research to develop integrated, patient-centred cancer research. Thus, clinical, translational and technological research, the biometrics unit and the Biological Resource Centre (BRC) are grouped together within a single directorate, the Scientific Directorate.

Its missions

Defined by the Ordinance of 1 October 1945 and specified by Ordinance 2005-406 of 2 May 2005, its missions are: - care - prevention - research - formation

Clinical Research

Clinical Research is carried out with the patient, in compliance with regulations and ethics. Its objective is to advance and improve therapeutic management, care, diagnostic and prevention techniques through the development and implementation of innovative research projects.

Biometry Unit

The Biometrics unit carries out research, methodological design, registration, randomisation, data entry, data management and statistical analysis missions for ICM projects and other partners. It also responds to recent needs in translational and fundamental research. Both have training, expertise and valorization activities.